Technical Info

Below are a few details of our defender chassis -

Bolt on gear box crossmember as standard

Anti-roll bar brackets front and rear

Main legs are in pressed pieces as original made from 2mm steel with 3mm stiffeners fitted and spotwelded internally for added strength where outriggers and suspension mounting points are fitted, effectively giving you 5mm of material where most needed.

Bolt on rail for rear tub mountings

LH & RH steering damper bracket welded on as standard

TD5 Rear crossmember

The TD5 rear crossmember is the same size and shape but has the large hole for trailer socket, and the tow bar mounting holes are slightly different. If you have a Dixon Bate adjustable towbar we supply a bracket which re-aligns the holes or you will need to fit a Land Rover 110 TD5 tow bar, Part No. LR006310.

Rear Suspension Upper Link Bush (A-frame) fitted with new M16 bolt and sleeve to fit old level bush.

**Galvanising is only a sacrificial coating and road salt attacks galvanising more aggressively than it attacks paint, also farmyard manure and some chemicals spilt on the road also affect it. The galvanisers will not offer any guarantee because of the road salt problem, we suggest that you paint or waxoyl the chassis and also wash it off frequently.